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Fat Loss Secrets – Top 4 Fitness Tips!

Have you tried without success, all the creams & jellies under the sun, to rid yourself of that ugly collection of fat on your waistline? Do you find yourself fighting a losing battle with your weight? Then, it’s more than likely, that you have been getting one or all of the fat loss principles, wrong!

To possess a lean, muscular & graceful body is a dream most of us share. But only a few go on to develop & enjoy that perfectly sculpted, enviable body. What is it then, which prevents you from reaching your goal, even when you have tried so hard? Read on to find out the correct & healthy way to get rid of that fat, forever!

1. Eat on Time
Eat small meals, several times in the day. It is important to have your meals at a fixed time everyday, so that your body gets all the supply of nutrients it needs. This allows your body to let go of the fat stores, since it is getting a regular supply of calories & nutrients from your meals. Ideally, you should be having around 6 to 8 meals in a day.

2. Watch what you eat
Your diet should supply you with proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins & minerals. Make sure you have enough fruits & vegetables to take care of your nutritional requirement. Also, include protein sources such as white meat, eggs & pulses on a daily basis. Avoid oily food products completely. This includes most packaged snacks. The excess sugar in ice-creams, cakes & pastries is converted into fat. So stay away from them!

3. Aerobic workouts
Aerobics is any exercise which increases the body’s uptake of oxygen over a period of time. Aerobic workouts include cycling, swimming, running, dancing & brisk walking. This form of exercise activity is believed to be the most effective way of burning out calories. In combination with a customized diet program, your body should rid itself of the excess fat in no time.

4. Strength Training
Strength training is the best way to both tone up your muscles & also increase your metabolic rate. The exercised muscles demand energy supply long after the exercise session, leading to an effective usage of the stored fat.

Most of all, approach weight loss & fitness with dedication & discipline. There are no shortcuts to achieving your goals. Enjoy this process of becoming a healthier & happier person. Happy exercising!