Online Business Loan – Which Online Business Loan is the Best?

With advent of the credit crisis, many businesses have seen their sources of working capital dry up, necessitating the need to find an online business loan. In reviewing the seemingly bewildering array of choices the internet seems to offer, many business owners may walk away with “information overload”, not being able to separate reality from the various claims that are made online.One key aspect to remember when searching for an online business loan is that a true business loan is not going to be “funded instantly” online. Despite what some of the headlines and ads may say, a true business loan will never be funded this way. What is confusing is that many personal cash advance companies, payday lenders and other non-business funding sources will also attempt to capture business loan traffic with a “shotgun” advertising approach, relying on the confusion in the marketplace to gain loan/cash advance volumeWhile these sources may provide capital to individuals in smaller amounts instantly based on a signature and the strength of personal credit, they are not business loans, but personal loans. Oftentimes they are considered, from a legal standpoint, to be “cash advances” and therefore are relatively unregulated when it comes to maximum rates and fees that are charged.What most business lenders will do online is allow a applicant to fill out a “pre-application” online, and then will be contacted soon thereafter to assess whether they are eligible for the loan. At this point, the applicant usually will have to forward supporting documents before they get a “hard pre-approval” that will give them the amount, rate and terms they will qualify for. This allows true business lenders to accurately assess and application and give the best rates.Luckily, there are some better options out there for those business retailers who are seeking quick funding but have been unable to get approved at a bank or the Small Business Administration. The Credit Card Receivable loan is a quick, low documentation, no upfront fee loan that has interest rates which are 50% lower than merchant cash advance companies and have no other requirements to purchase equipment or switch credit card processors. Usually, loans of this type can fund with 7-10 days, and a pre-approval within 48 hours is the norm. Loan amounts up to $500,000 are available.If you have been searching for a true, regulated online business loan that is cost effective and can work will a variety of business credit profiles, click here. Always remember to read the websites thoroughly to make sure you are getting a true loan, and not a cash advance no matter where you apply. A true, regulated business loan will always be more cost-effective over time, truly helping a business rather than causing further long-term financial distress

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