5 Helpful Important Travel Tips About Cebu City

Traveling to a foreign country can be a worrisome or stressful situation, especially if you do not know anything about the place your going too. It is always a good idea to research about the destination you’re going too rather than going there blind. I have included 5 helpful important travel tips to know about Cebu City:1. Change your money before you leave the airport – It is a good idea to change your money in the airport your departing at or the airport you’re arriving to, typically there’s currency converting booths at the airports. It is also safe at the airport because of the security personals and cameras around the facilities.2. Try not to wear high brand name clothes or a lot of expensive jewelry – Usually the predators favorite victims are the ones that are wearing high brand clothing or jewelries that you can spot a mile away. Wearing casual clothing and not to much jewelry would be best.3. Always use public transportation or well-known rental car companies – There would be times where random people off the street offer cheap private chauffeur service. It would be more safe to spend more money on public transportation like taxis, buses and rental car companies rather than taking a chance with someone you do not know.4. Keep an eye on your cell phone or pager at all times – You will notice that around the city or local neighborhoods that theirs a lot of used cell phone stores or pawnshops that sell a lot of used phones. It is likely that if you lose your phone, theirs a good chance that you could find it at one of the used cell phone stores or a local pawnshop, but the bad part about it is that you will have to purchase your phone again, even if your full name is engraved on it.5. Always respect the culture whatever foreign country your going too – You will encounter a lot of different characters or be in situations where you think your right, but you have to keep in mind and try to understand that you’re in a foreign country and the people there sometimes or not at all see or agree the same things your accustom too, you’re in a whole new world and not at your backyard.

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